Closed Ears

It’s been 5 weeks since Mum moved in and apart from being in work We have not spent a night apart. Tomorrow I am going on a camping trip with family and my Grandkids, we do this trip every year about 20 of us, kids and adults all having fun at the side of a river just making Funtime memories.
This year though I have Mum to think of and she will be with my Brother my Husband and my Sons who adore her but I know they will be plagued with ‘where is a Bev’ all weekend.
I will miss her so much but will be nice to go to sleep with both ears closed!


7 days later

First week of Mum moving In has gone brilliant keep waiting for a set back that hasn’t happened!
Had a lovely week getting to know the new Mum if it continues like this I will be one happy daughter


Work is over

Just got home after a 12 hour night shift looking after the lovely old folk what lays ahead …. Tea n toast? Breakfast? Relax in front of TV?…. No I am now going to wake Mum dress her give her a big snog and hand her over to David for breakfast and a trip to day care centre 


A new journey

Stocked up on biscuits!
So after a 9 week stay in a Rehab care home after a fall Mum came home Thursday to live with myself and David. My Brother went to collect Mum at tea time from the care home (I shopped and stocked up on biscuits)
Mum was very confused to say the least when she got to our house she at first refused to get out of the car however promises of tea and biscuits helped!

We have spent the last 4 days settling Mum in and trying to establish a routine, this has so far gone very well I am aware it’s early days though and I keep waiting for a set back which has not happened, mum seems to understand I will be leaving her 3 nights a week to go to work and she will stay with David.

She has restarted the day centre, again this caused her to be agitated as it’s been so long since she went, she was ok Though once there and came back full of what she had been doing. The family are just relieved that Grandma is home and even if it’s only for a short while at least she gets a little more time living with her family.
She seems to have forgotten her own house she lived in with my Brother, while this is sad it does make it easier as she has not asked to go home.
And so here is the start of a new journey it will be hard and there will be challenging times and as I say it may not be for long but while we can it is worth trying.


Great Grandma is home!


Great Grandma is home!


She’s coming home!

After much deliberation and many family meetings and chats as a family we have come to the decision that Mum is coming home to live with Myself and David. This hasn’t been taken lightly it’s been a hard few weeks but we all agree the time is not right just yet for Mum to stay in a care setting!

It will be hard, I need to keep working as David does not work due to redundancy, but I am optimistic and just want to try….. It may not work we all know that but if I try at least I’ve tried eh!

And so after my holiday this week with my Daughter and Son in law and the granddaughters Mum will be moving in with us, it may work it may not I pray it does😀

Fortunately we have a big close family and a brilliant friend base, let’s all muck in and get her back where she belongs for now!


Mum was always a flirt! She loved to chat and as she says it got mistaken😀

Mum and Dad split when we were very young as time went on we learnt of this mysterious man she had a ‘bit of a do with’

now as kids we were told this man was ‘married’,,,,,,,,!!!!!!! We have no way now of knowing if this is true as we got told to mind our own business.

she always told us as kids he looked like Matt Monroe, oh how she loved Matt Monroe he was her love, she always told us the man she had a ‘do with’ was the spitting image of him.

Now she thinks she did have a fling with THE Matt Monroe and no one can tell her otherwise!

And so now is well know in her Nursing home as Matt Monroes Ex!

Carer, Family, Health, Home, Mental Health

I want to go home!

Mum spent 6 days in hospital after her fall on Easter Sunday and was then transferred to the Rehabilitation unit of a care home, Still unable to walk more than a few steps and still with an ankle like a melon! 
Mum was confused to say the least she didn’t have a clue why she was “here there and everywhere” visiting her on the first day was quite traumatic, thankfully I had a close family friend with me however you would think that working as a carer in a nursing home it would fly over my head when Mum was demanding to go home ….. Quite the opposite! I’ve seen it so many times witnessed the upset on both the clients point of view and the relatives point of view but this did not make how I felt any easier, it probably made it worse as I knew this could go on for quite a while. 
Leaving her alone that first day was impossible and so I took the cowards way out and got my Son and Brother to come while I was there, I said a quick bye and Mum waved quite happily to me, and off I went knowing they would get the brunt of her anger when they left.
I had reports from Family the next day that Mum was now fine and happy and chatting away to other clients, she had also been chatting up the window cleaner apparently!
When I visited 2 days after admission she seemed happy chatty telling me about her new friends, I should have known…… The Lull before the storm as they say! 

We are now 5 days into the Care home and Mum is not happy😪 I have every faith in the Care home, I know most of the staff who work there and it is highly regarded in our town, and so I know it is simply that Mum just wants to be home. We as a family are not sure if Mum will be able to cope much longer at home in a 3 bedroom semi sometimes alone for a few hours at a time in between carers going in…… It’s just not safe and here we have the next big question do we now consider Mum staying in a care setting! 


What a week

So Saturday had a great day in town with the grand kids n Mum, had a lovely evening planned BGT with Mums favourite Simon Cowell.
However at 18.10 mum had a bit of a fall on the stairs that didn’t seem too serious she got up with help and came into front room, she ate tea and watched her precious Simon!
After a restless night it became apparent Mum was in pain so a call to NHS direct resulted in Mum being whisked on to A&E with my Brother, as it was Easter Sunday I had 25 coming for tea!!!

X rays done nothing broken but cannot weight bare and so staying in, Mum is as happy as anything as she thinks she is in a 4* hotel!

It is now Thursday the day Mum normally joins my Husband and myself for 3 nights, 3 x rays later and a scan booked for tomorrow Mum is still living it up at ‘Hotel Airedale’
And so we are missing our little live wire this weekend, no rubbish TV, no custard creams, and no blue wicked!